Montgomery ISD Education Foundation's mission is to support public education in Montgomery Independent School District. Our organization is passionate about giving back to our school district through innovative & creative grants and funding programs and tools to give our students a competitive advantage. We believe that every student in Montgomery ISD deserves to have an extraordinary education and the ability to dream BIG and succeed!


Help MISDEF Give Back! 

Registration for our annual Spring Soiree opens Friday, February 2, 2024. We invite you to join our fundraiser as we celebrate our prom themed event and raise funds for our cause. ‘Forever Young’ is a tribute to each of our prom days. We look forward to recreating special moments and traditions with our community while growing the MISDEF's giving to Montgomery ISD.

Spring Soiree 'FOREVER YOUNG' Registration is Open

Family Partners Program

The MISD Education Foundation was able to award over $75,000 in Educator Grants in 2024 to promote creativity and innovation in Montgomery ISD classrooms. We have a new way to get involved and give back to our teachers through our FAMILY PARTNERS giving! We look forward to partnering with MISD families to help donate more tools and programs that benefit our students.

To learn more, click here


To learn more about Educator Grants, click the image below!

Partner with us and help us raise money for Educator Grants! 2-4% of purchases are donated back to the MISDEF!

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